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How to Select the Perfect Search engine optimization consultant

As technologies continue to change and advance, people also grow more dependent on the internet to provide them with reputable information and services. Nevertheless, very few people have the time to waste checking through all of the search options on Yahoo, Google, and any other search engine. In fact, very few people even make it past the first page of the search results. This only means that many websites are losing out on valuable web traffic simply because they have not properly optimized their pages.

The Importance of Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine RankingsSearch engine visibility is crucial for any online business. A prime spot on search engine rankings can boost your brand awareness and bring in more clients and possible sales for your business. In order to improve your chances of getting better search engine rankings, your best bet would be to hire a professional and reliable Search engine optimization consultant. Now, while most of the Search engine optimization consultants might be able to bring something to the table, it is still best if you narrow down your options and only choose the prospect who can fulfill all of your needs. Listed below are a few tips to help you select the best Search engine optimization consultant.

Go through their past clients

While most Search engine optimization consultants should ideally have a portfolio of their past clients on their websites, you also have the option of asking for a physical copy of their client list. Even a short but substantial client list will be able to give you a clear picture of your prospective consultant’s strengths and possible weaknesses.

Likewise, you will now have the opportunity to contact the said clients on the list and ask for their input on the capabilities of the Search engine optimization consultant. While the past clients might not be able to provide specific data, they will at least be able to gage if their search engine rankings were able to improve as a direct result of the consultant’s proficiency and efforts.

Delve into their methods

Aside from guaranteeing markedly improved rankings, Search engine optimization consultants should also be able to provide you with the actual means and methods that they will use to achieve that goal. No matter how wonderful their promises might be, a consultant who cannot explain his strategies will always seem shady and unreliable.

Good consultants should be able to explain the exact strategies that they will use to achieve the SEO goals that you agreed on using simple terms and with a realistic plan of action. If possible, ask for a proposal from your candidate and ask that they include the processes that they will use to make your website more search engine friendly such as writing better headings, organizing your content using tags, improving your website URL, and others. The proposal should also include a breakdown of the steps that they will take in order to streamline your page and remove any bugs that could be the cause of your low rankings.

Aside from improving your page on its own, you can also request your candidate to assist you in promoting your page across different platforms. Most Search engine optimization consultants should also be capable of marketing your services and content on different websites, social media, blogs, etc. Even if it is not directly connected to your page, this online marketing strategy can also increase the awareness of your brand and contribute in its overall online visibility.

Request for concrete evidence

consultantSearch engine optimization consultants will most likely use Google Analytics in order to track the amount of traffic that is flowing into your page, what keywords are frequently being used by online users, and how your page is actually faring compared to its competitors. While you yourself might not be well-versed with the various complexities of SEO and analytics, you should still not take everything that your Search engine optimization consultant gives you at face value. Even if they might not be willing to provide you with the data of your website’s search engine rankings on a daily basis, a weekly or even a monthly update will do. As the owner of the website and business, you should always be aware of what is going on around you especially when it comes to your website traffic and rankings.

Establish ownership rules

No matter how much work your prospective consultant might provide and how many changes might be made on your page, you should still ensure that you can maintain sole ownership of all of the optimized web content. You are paying for your consultant’s services and the business and website is still ultimately your own.

For this reason, make sure that your prospective candidate is willing to enter into a legal and binding contract with you regarding the services that will be provided. Even if you terminate the contract or part ways in due course, your consultant should not be able to remove or modify any of the changes that have already been made. Likewise, any additional fees regarding early termination or added services should be specified in the contract.

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The Basics of Custom Coins

Having custom coins made can be confusing. The vast majority of people who have these made aren’t exactly experts on how to design them, much less understand how they’re made or what makes a coin maker better than the competition.

A little bit of effort is needed to make the best coin possible. People who don’t want to spend money on something that displeases them really need to learn a couple of things.

Custom Coins

Understanding some of the basic points of making customized coins isn’t that difficult. There are only a few things people have to take into account. Keeping these things in mind will make sure that people won’t get lost when they start to have their coins made. Here are some of the basic points of making custom coins:

Coin shape

Shape is one of the most important factors in designing customized coins. The sad thing about this is that a lot of people tend to overlook this part of the design. The coin’s shape has a tremendous impact on its look.

Most coin makers allow their customers to have their coins minted in almost any shape. Some coins resemble a shield, others are square, there are even coins shaped like dog tags. Whatever the case might be, people have to think about the shape of their coins.

The best way to choose a shape is to think about how that shape ties into what the coin is supposed to represent. Dog tag shaped custom coins are popular among soldiers for example. People need to explore the different shapes out there and shouldn’t confine themselves to regular shapes.

The coin’s design

The design of the coin depends largely on the customer’s needs or wants. Most coin makers are capable of handling almost any kind of design. It’s important for the customer to consult with the coin maker on what’s possible though.

Customers are given free rein on how they design their coins, but it doesn’t mean that the coin makers can make anything possible. They still have to work within the boundaries of what they can do.

Those who aren’t of the creative sort can always have their coins designed by the coin makers themselves. Most coin makers have an in-house design team that can help customers design the custom coins that they want.

This is very easy and simple. All a customer has to do is to make sure to coordinate with the coin maker’s people. At the most, customers will be asked for the sort of theme or design elements they’d want present in the coin.

The type of metal used

The other factor is the metal used in making the coin. There are all sorts of different metals out there. Choosing which metal to use for the coin is largely a matter of taste.

People should also understand that the metals used to make coins also come in a wide variety of different polishes.
For example, some coin makers offer gold in several varieties. There’s the polished golf finish and then there’s the finish that makes the coin look more like an antique.

There’s no real advantage for choosing gold over silver since at the end of the day it’s all about how the coin looks.

The cut

Another design feature that people ought to take note of is the cut. These coins are cut using different methods.

Some of these coins are even diamond-cut by the coin makers. Understanding the differences won’t take a lot of time. Most coin makers are also more than happy to explain the differences between the different cuts available for custom coins.

The easiest method to pick a form is usually take into consideration just how in which form ties straight into what exactly the actual coin is supposed to help stand for. Pet point formed custom coins are well-liked involving troopers.

Which Golf Grips Should You Choose?

A club technology expert once said that it is extremely important to play golf using the right size of golf grips. A grip that is too big might put you in a bunker or rough, almost always, each time you play golf. A grip that is too small will tend to give increased hand movement that could affect your precision. How do you choose the right grips?

There is a chart where you can compare the measurement of your hand to get the most ideal size that fits you. There are golfers who prefer the standard size and there are those that favor smaller or bigger grip size.

Before, golf enthusiasts claim that choosing a size that is way off your ideal size (based on the charts) won’t lead you to victory.

Bigger won’t Make it Better

There are novice golfers who might think that bigger golf grips can bring them bigger chances of winning their game. Conformists believe that if your club grip is too big for you there is a huge possibility to deliver errant shots. An expert explains that an overly huge grip can affect the angle of your wrist, especially on the downswing. It can hinder your action of rotating the club-face in one swift move and be fast enough to square it up to the target ball at impact.

The president of one of the top manufacturers of golf club grips states that too large grips tend to impede the movement of your hand. It affects the speed of your club and you won’t be able to let your golf ball travel the needed distance.

It is likewise not advisable to use too small golf grips. While the overly big grips can impede your hand movement, the overly small grips tend to increase your hand movement to the point that it affects your accuracy.

The Way to Define a too Big Grip

Golf gripsAccording to the conformists, you have the correct or right golf club grip size when the tips of your fingers just barely touched the base of your palm when you fasten your hands around the golf club.

If your fingers happen to touch the base of your palm, then you need a bigger club grip. If you see a noticeable presence of gap between your hand and fingers, then it means you need a smaller grip. The grip size ranges from undersized to jumbo.

Many modern golf experts believe that the things that the conformists believe or the conventional wisdom is no longer applicable in the modern era.

The Truth about the Grip Size

A test was conducted in 2010 wherein 24 golfers of different levels of skill participated. They were asked to hit the golf balls using different sizes of grip. Their hands were measured and the measurement was compared against the chart that tells golfers which size is the most appropriate. The golfers were given the conventionally fitted golf grips. The test revealed that only five golfers out of 24 who participated were able to hit their best shots.

The Modern Perception

The experts believe that the experiment proved that the best way to determine a golfer’s ideal club grips is to try as many grip sizes as possible. The grip size that can give the golfer optimum distance and accuracy is his ideal grip size. An expert believes that the grip comfort is the reason for the golfer’s enhanced ability or performance. The most comfortable golf club grips can provide the golfer with a secure hold on the grip without causing excess pressure on the muscle.

It is still correct to say that the ideal size of grips can deliver the golfer to his victory; he just needs to carefully determine his most ideal golf grips.

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5 Reasons To Choose Badge Lanyards Over Other Promotional Items

5 Reasons To Choose Badge Lanyards Are you are looking for something that’s going to be used as a promotional giveaway to boost your business? Or, do you need a marketing strategy to increase the sales of your products or services? Badge lanyards could be the answer to these needs. Here are five reasons why you choose badge lanyards over other promotional items:

1. They’re effective.

5 Reasons To Choose Badge Lanyards If your target is for future clients to discover your business or products, badge lanyards could help you increase their awareness. How? According to studies, what one sees or uses daily leave a print or mark in the subconscious. When that particular item is needed, the brain would remind the mind of the print or mark. So unconsciously, the person heeds the advice of the mind. For instance, the lanyard bearing the name of your store was received and used by a non-client. Even though she does not give it much thought, the brain has already placed it in her memory. When the need arises, there would be a subtle suggestion from the brain to choose this particular store. This theory has been used for decades by the advertising world. That’s why businesses spend millions for commercials and other advertising strategies.

2. They’re useful.

Badge LanyardsThere are over hundreds of promotional items to choose from and yet, not all of them are practical to use. Therefore, the recipients would usually place these items in their drawers and forget about them. That’s never the case with badge lanyards. One would never run out of things to do with a lanyard. It could hold small and big objects alike such as phones, flash drives, keys, ID’s, pens, to name just a few. It could also be recycled as pet leash, tie, bag handle or shoelace. It could be made into an accessory. There are indeed, many uses of lanyards.

3. They’re economical.

Some promotional items could hurt the wallet but not badge lanyards. For as low as $0.67 per piece (depending on the quantity and material of lanyards), you could have a lanyard with print plus free attachment. Enjoy other freebies such as free art design and revisions, free shipment (usually with limitation), and additional free attachment (applicable to some styles only). Plus, you would save on wrappers, as you would not need to wrap them. In the event that you would need to ship them, the charge would be minimal as they are lightweight and non-fragile.

4. They’re sturdy and long lasting.

Lanyards can last for decades, especially if proper care is rendered to them. They are also fade–free and crack resistant. They do not get torn, ripped or damaged easily. They are recyclables. It goes well with any occasion or season, too. Some promotional items are good during Christmas or spring only. With lanyards, any time or any season is as good as others.

5. They’re fashionable.

More and more people are using lanyards not only because of its usefulness but also because of its contribution to one’s fashion sense. There are hundreds of colors to choose from. One could match the color of the lanyard to complement the color of his or her attire. Plus, the latest designs or styles of lanyards are so cool and chic. Both the young and the old people appreciate the looks of these lanyards.

The lanyard is indeed a good choice as a promotional item. Another plus for lanyards is that they’re very easy to avail. One does not even need to go outside his home to order such accessories. Everything could be done online, from the creation of the design, to the placement of order, until the payment. The next step is just to wait for the delivery.

Printed Circuit Board Safety and Protection Info: Dendrites and Static Charge

Investing on gadgets for personal use or laying down a fortune on techno device manufacturing business can bear one a good measure of being responsible enough to watch out for the spent capital ensuring that every cent counts. Buying costly gadgets or electronic machines and learning that it has an internal defect only after a few times of usage and operation can make one shift from one brand to another and even leave negative feedbacks about the product and its manufacturing company. Then the domino pieces would start to fall down and crush a huge amount of investments. Most defects on electronic devices can be traced from the use of low quality component materials and not only from a customer’s clumsiness in handling their devices. This is the real reason why it is very important to the major causes of defects and damages on a gadget or appliance.

Focusing on the common internal damages that include short circuit, corrosion and leakage currents, the main problem on a device can be found on the printed circuit board. The common causes these problems are known as dendrites and static charge.

PCB componentsOne may wonder why it is possible for well designed printed circuit board to have short circuit or current leakage especially when the aforementioned component is manufactured with sophisticated computer technology application. The solution lies in the protection of measures applied to the materials and components, before or during the assembling process. Printed circuit board components are prone to get damaged upon exposure to extreme environmental conditions. Moisture dispersed through the condensation caused by humid condition does not only cause corrosion but also the formation of metal filaments called dendrites.

Dendrites continually grow and branch off on the surface of metal components; connecting active current tracks and causing short circuit. The rate of spread varies from thirty minutes to days or months depending on the amount of voltage that a device consumes during operation. Some factory workers and supervisors are not aware of this probability among the machines they use. The same applies at home. When extensive metal filament growth went unnoticed, an unexpected short circuit could sometimes burn down factory or manufacturing sites. This phenomenon can only be prevented with the use of modern conformal clothing. Conformal clothing helps in providing a protective covering against condensation that causes the production of dendrites. This comes in the forms of dilute solutions of silicone rubber, epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane. It is also advisable that every machine or device operated by a printed circuit board be regularly checked by a technician specializing on different units to monitor any irregular changes on the internal components.

Most populated and bare circuit board tends to transmit static charge that it could receive by improper ways of handling. The copper traces had been refined at the time and can transmit a static charge unconsciously released by the holder. This could cause potent damages to the components. To prevent such problems, antistatic bag or packaging is used upon transport and delivery of fully furnished printed circuit board. These specialized bags or boxes are usually made of polyethylene terephthalate with its signature silvery shade. This particular material prevents the transmission of static charger from the handler to the components of a PCB. Some packaging materials are also designed with bubble wrap so as to protect the PCBs not only against electrostatic charge but also to mechanical damage too.

Promptness in making immediate solutions or plan of actions for the imminent problem on hand has always been proven to facilitate safety and efficient elimination of work and home hazards. It’s not costly to be worry free!

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Helpful Tips for a Successful Nassau County Property Search

Just like searching for properties in any location, a Nassau County property search requires you to have a list of considerations in mind. To help you make your search smoother and less hassle free, you need to take the time to go about the process with a good head on your shoulders and perhaps a little help from the pros.

real estateBefore you even think about all the documentation and legalities of buying a piece of real estate property, you first have to make a decision on which property you wish to buy. This alone is not a matter to simply shrug off. You cannot simply point to a beautiful picture of a house from a listing and say that you want to buy that house. You need to explore and weigh several factors first. The experts agree on the following key tips on how you can make the right choice in your Nassau County property search:

1.Check out the transportation system

Most people would of course want to have a place that is accessible. Even if you have your own car, you want the assurance that you or any other possible visitors will be able to go to and from your house with ease.

Note that the Nassau Inter-County Express can take you to the Western and Eastern parts of New York. The transit uses coins and the MetroCard in its payment system. With this transportation system, you can request for transfers, if ever you have a different route than that of the express. This bit of information is important if you intend to take the public transportation to and from work.

2.Remember your purpose in doing a Nassau County property search

Your choice of property would always depend on what you intend to use the property for. If you are looking to buy a vacation home, you do not want to choose one that’s in the city. If you are looking for a property that’s perfect for a rental business, then perhaps you can consider looking at apartments near the business centers, schools, and public facilities.

3.Keep your interests and those of the people living with you in mind

Any home you choose should allow you to live your desired lifestyle and do the activities you love doing the most. If you are the type who loves to go jogging at the park, then you have to make sure that such a location is within a stone’s throw from the property you will choose to buy.

Likewise, the specifications of the house you choose from the Nassau County property search listings should match your interests as well. For instance, if you do not have a green thumb, you might want to look for a house without a sprawling garden or backyard.

4.Consider the institutions you need to visit to more often

Educational institutions are the most common in this consideration. Government offices, churches, and other religious institutions are likewise in the list. If you need to go to these institutions often, you might want to look for a property for sale in a Nassau County property search listing that has these facilities nearby.

5.Always make sure that you are choosing a house located in a safe and friendly community

Check the accident statistics, take note of safety signs and directionals as you drive around the neighborhood. See if there are policemen or guards to secure the place. With the crimes happening today, it is important to have neighbors looking out for each other as well.

Among the residents, you have to check out of the neighbors are generally friendly. Most parts of Nassau, especially Hempstead, are rich in social events and gatherings. The Jones Beach is an ideal public venue for family bonding, not just surfing. Sometimes, there are parties there that are open to the public.

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Meetings and events are diverse in their own ways depending on the purpose and structure. These can be a convention, seminar or an internal meeting. All these gatherings have a theme that needs to be shared to the target audience. Effective delivery of the message will eventually lead to a successful event.

Aside from identifying the right logistics for a gathering, one of the critical tasks in event organizing is choosing the best keynote speakers. Not all professionals are effective speakers. Even some experts can’t clearly express their ideas and thoughts. To resolve this dilemma, companies and other organizations are hiring qualified individuals who could deliver the message on their behalf.

These speakers are responsible in communicating the message of an entire event to the audience. It is very important that the chosen speaker can capture the essence of the gathering in a short time. Usually, these speakers are given 45-minutes to an hour to deliver a keynote or speech related to the event’s theme. This is already a critical time for any events. The speaker’s talk can help set the mood for the entire event or possibly ruin it.

Effective keynote speakers can create rapport with the audience. This will entice the participants to be active in the entirety of the event. The speaker can even encourage participants to be enthusiastic and excited for the activities lined up for the rest of the event.

Motivational SpeakerCompanies and other event organizers are meticulous in choosing their speakers. The institutions are making sure the message that they want to imply will be captured by the resource speaker. Inviting well-known keynote speakers can also draw attention from the public. For example, a successful entrepreneur or a-well known author can be a good option as a resource speaker depending on the purpose of the event.

By inviting well-known speakers, this will help a certain event attract more attendees. People will love to hear what the speakers have to share. People would love to listen to the tips that the speakers can recommend. Other factors such as professional achievements and industry-related expertise are also considered.

Identifying the right keynote speakers depends on the type and purpose of the event. A speaker for a commencement exercise should be an expert of a specific industry. He should be able to share success stories and inspire the newly graduates. Same goes for speakers in a book convention; they should have in-depth knowledge in writing and publishing books. It is important that the speaker can relate to the event, so that he can give an appropriate speech. This way, the audience will be convinced that the speaker truly knows what he is sharing.

Nowadays, people find seminars and conventions boring and dull. People get tired and jaded once the event starts bombarding them with a lot of talks. Perhaps, one of the reasons would be an inappropriate speaker. Sometimes, corporations and other institutions are tempted to invite popular individuals due to marketability purposes. Typically, it will gather attention but the goal of imparting knowledge to the public won’t be attained.

Event organizers should always consider the knowledge that a speaker can impart to the audience. The participants value a seminar if the speaker was able to share his expertise. The participants find it as a pleasant experience when they feel satisfied and nurtured at the end of an event.

Keynote speakers play an important role in seminars, meetings and conventions. They become the instruments in conveying a message in a charismatic and witty manner. A simple message, if shared in a creative way, can leave a strong and lasting impact to the target audience.

ID Lanyards Latest Trend

Hundreds of years ago, in a sailing ship, sailors invented lanyards using scraps of fabric. After that, lanyards have undergone a lot of changes.ID Lanyards have become popular in school, companies, hospitals, factories, concerts, events, and etc. They do not only hold identification cards, they also hold passes and badges.

ID lanyardsCustomized lanyards are even more popular as they allow customers to place their own designs on the surface of the lanyards. There are unlimited variations of lanyards now and some people had lost track of the latest trend.

Polyester, nylon, tube, and woven lanyards were replaced by a set of new stylish lanyards.

They are the following:

1. Chain Lanyards

Lanyards are now as fashionable as necklaces. Lanyard manufacturers thought that the materials used to create fashion accessories can also be incorporated in making lanyards. They tried it and the result was great.

With the help of clip or hook attachments, identification cards can be attached to the lanyards. Customization is however not allowed with this type since there will be no printing or sewing processes.

2. Beaded Lanyards

Just like the first type, fashion accessories influenced the creation of Beaded ID Lanyards. Makers use different kinds of beads made of pearls, stones, plastics, or crystals.

The costs of these lanyards are dependent on their materials. As of now, this type is sold ready-made. If you want to customize your Beaded lanyard, you can create your own.

You will need a piece of nylon that will serve as the base of the lanyard where you will insert your beads. You should also buy hardware attachments that will enable you to connect your ID.

3. Beaded Chain Lanyards

This type is a combination of the first two. They may come in different variations including ID Lanyards and Eyeglasses Necklaces. For the former, a hook attachment is needed and for the latter, the makers attached a ring in the necklace where the eyeglasses will be secured.

4. Double Laces

Double laces are two-in-one lanyards. They have one lace which is a plain and thin lanyard and another one which is a chain lanyard. Each of their ends was attached together. Then the two ends were joined together using a hook. The variation for this type is the color of the plain lanyard.

5.Glowing Lanyards

Glowing or Reflective lanyards are glow in the dark. They are designed for employees who are working at night like security guards. The lanyards help them have a better vision in dark places.

These lanyards become decorative lights during concerts together with the glow sticks.

6. Zipper Lanyards

Zipper lanyards are best for students who get frustrated because of their tangled lanyards. After use, before they place their ID Lanyards in their bags, students can zip the lanyards close. Then the next morning, they just have to open the Zipper lanyards to be able to place it around their neck.

7. Rhinestone Lanyards

This is another stylish and fancy lanyard that girls will love. Lanyards can come with rhinestones and the best thing is that these can be customized. Pattern the rhinestones with your name and you have your own customized lanyard.

8. Round Lanyards

Round lanyards can be embroidered or printed with any design of your liking. They are very comfortable to wear because they are softer than the regular lanyards.

9. Double Ended Lanyards

Last but not the least is the lanyard that will allow you to attach two cards or badges onto it. Double Ended lanyards have adjustable buckles which enclose the lanyard. These special lanyards are commonly used in trade shows by the organizers and staffs.

From being scraps of fabric, lanyards have truly evolved into elegant and versatile accessories.

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Misting Fans and Their Agricultural Applications

Misting fans are known to the public for being able to provide a really cool breeze. They are quickly becoming the cost effective alternative to using an air conditioner. A lot of people realize just how expensive an air conditioner can be. It is more expensive to buy and operate.

mistMist fans are most commonly seen in large outdoor areas where they are used for cooling people off in areas promoted as chill zones. They are also seen during football games where they are used to cool off the players.

Mist fans are a unique contraption. Their simple design belies a very unique machine capable of providing a cost effective solution to a lot of different problems. Aside from cooling people off, mist fans are starting to see plenty of use in industrial applications.

Mist fans are used for helping businesses deal with the foul odor that some of their machines produce in their factories. These are also employed in waste management facilities. The mist fan is also used for dust control in places like cement making factories. Finally, mist fans are used to help keep heavy machines cool so that they do not breakdown.

Mist fans are extremely useful in agricultural applications. In fact, misting fans were first invited for the agricultural sector.

Livestock cooling through mist fans

Misting-SystemsLivestock owners always worry about their livestock. They have to think about how to keep them safe, healthy and comfortable. Animals are like human beings in that stress can have a negative impact on their physiology.

Animals which are not healthy or uncomfortable produce less that the healthier and more comfortable counterparts. Healthy pigs for example produce better litter. Cows produce more milk when they are healthy and comfortable. Even the quality of the milk is better. Chickens also produce more eggs.

Mist fans are a simple and cost effective means for keeping animals cool and comfortable during the hot seasons. Misting fans were actually made in order to provide a cheap and affordable solution for livestock owners to cool their animals.

Mist fans and greenhouses

Not all plants are the same. Some plants require certain conditions in order for them to survive, let alone grow healthy. This can be difficult of course since certain kinds of plants require maintenance that is difficult to achieve in certain areas. To make plants grow in places where they normally would not, botanists use structures known as greenhouses.

greenGreenhouses are structures that are made mostly out of glass. They are used to create and maintain an environment conducive to plant life and development. One of the biggest issues that botanists have to worry about is the humidity.

Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air. Plants that require a lot of humidity often perish in arid conditions or during hot seasons. In fact, some greenhouses actually close down for the summer since they are unable to maintain the kind of environment that they need to keep their plants growing.

Mist fans help greenhouses maintain the environment by increasing humidity. Mist fans generate a stream of air. However, they also blow out a fine mist using the water pump system attached to them.

The mist fan’s water pump system produces tiny micron sized water droplets that immediately mix with the air and evaporate. The fact that the greenhouse is an enclosed environment means that the moisture will stay inside. This in turn increases the humidity allowing certain plants to grow and develop, despite the fact that they are out of season.

Mist fans have become popular with greenhouses because of the cost. Misting fans are an affordable solution to an otherwise complicated and expensive problem.