September 25

Misting Fans and Their Agricultural Applications

Misting fans are known to the public for being able to provide a really cool breeze. They are quickly becoming the cost effective alternative to using an air conditioner. A lot of people realize just how expensive an air conditioner can be. It is more expensive to buy and operate.

mistMist fans are most commonly seen in large outdoor areas where they are used for cooling people off in areas promoted as chill zones. They are also seen during football games where they are used to cool off the players.

Mist fans are a unique contraption. Their simple design belies a very unique machine capable of providing a cost effective solution to a lot of different problems. Aside from cooling people off, mist fans are starting to see plenty of use in industrial applications.

Mist fans are used for helping businesses deal with the foul odor that some of their machines produce in their factories. These are also employed in waste management facilities. The mist fan is also used for dust control in places like cement making factories. Finally, mist fans are used to help keep heavy machines cool so that they do not breakdown.

Mist fans are extremely useful in agricultural applications. In fact, misting fans were first invited for the agricultural sector.

Livestock cooling through mist fans

Misting-SystemsLivestock owners always worry about their livestock. They have to think about how to keep them safe, healthy and comfortable. Animals are like human beings in that stress can have a negative impact on their physiology.

Animals which are not healthy or uncomfortable produce less that the healthier and more comfortable counterparts. Healthy pigs for example produce better litter. Cows produce more milk when they are healthy and comfortable. Even the quality of the milk is better. Chickens also produce more eggs.

Mist fans are a simple and cost effective means for keeping animals cool and comfortable during the hot seasons. Misting fans were actually made in order to provide a cheap and affordable solution for livestock owners to cool their animals.

Mist fans and greenhouses

Not all plants are the same. Some plants require certain conditions in order for them to survive, let alone grow healthy. This can be difficult of course since certain kinds of plants require maintenance that is difficult to achieve in certain areas. To make plants grow in places where they normally would not, botanists use structures known as greenhouses.

greenGreenhouses are structures that are made mostly out of glass. They are used to create and maintain an environment conducive to plant life and development. One of the biggest issues that botanists have to worry about is the humidity.

Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air. Plants that require a lot of humidity often perish in arid conditions or during hot seasons. In fact, some greenhouses actually close down for the summer since they are unable to maintain the kind of environment that they need to keep their plants growing.

Mist fans help greenhouses maintain the environment by increasing humidity. Mist fans generate a stream of air. However, they also blow out a fine mist using the water pump system attached to them.

The mist fan’s water pump system produces tiny micron sized water droplets that immediately mix with the air and evaporate. The fact that the greenhouse is an enclosed environment means that the moisture will stay inside. This in turn increases the humidity allowing certain plants to grow and develop, despite the fact that they are out of season.

Mist fans have become popular with greenhouses because of the cost. Misting fans are an affordable solution to an otherwise complicated and expensive problem.

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