November 2


Meetings and events are diverse in their own ways depending on the purpose and structure. These can be a convention, seminar or an internal meeting. All these gatherings have a theme that needs to be shared to the target audience. Effective delivery of the message will eventually lead to a successful event.

Aside from identifying the right logistics for a gathering, one of the critical tasks in event organizing is choosing the best keynote speakers. Not all professionals are effective speakers. Even some experts can’t clearly express their ideas and thoughts. To resolve this dilemma, companies and other organizations are hiring qualified individuals who could deliver the message on their behalf.

These speakers are responsible in communicating the message of an entire event to the audience. It is very important that the chosen speaker can capture the essence of the gathering in a short time. Usually, these speakers are given 45-minutes to an hour to deliver a keynote or speech related to the event’s theme. This is already a critical time for any events. The speaker’s talk can help set the mood for the entire event or possibly ruin it.

Effective keynote speakers can create rapport with the audience. This will entice the participants to be active in the entirety of the event. The speaker can even encourage participants to be enthusiastic and excited for the activities lined up for the rest of the event.

Motivational SpeakerCompanies and other event organizers are meticulous in choosing their speakers. The institutions are making sure the message that they want to imply will be captured by the resource speaker. Inviting well-known keynote speakers can also draw attention from the public. For example, a successful entrepreneur or a-well known author can be a good option as a resource speaker depending on the purpose of the event.

By inviting well-known speakers, this will help a certain event attract more attendees. People will love to hear what the speakers have to share. People would love to listen to the tips that the speakers can recommend. Other factors such as professional achievements and industry-related expertise are also considered.

Identifying the right keynote speakers depends on the type and purpose of the event. A speaker for a commencement exercise should be an expert of a specific industry. He should be able to share success stories and inspire the newly graduates. Same goes for speakers in a book convention; they should have in-depth knowledge in writing and publishing books. It is important that the speaker can relate to the event, so that he can give an appropriate speech. This way, the audience will be convinced that the speaker truly knows what he is sharing.

Nowadays, people find seminars and conventions boring and dull. People get tired and jaded once the event starts bombarding them with a lot of talks. Perhaps, one of the reasons would be an inappropriate speaker. Sometimes, corporations and other institutions are tempted to invite popular individuals due to marketability purposes. Typically, it will gather attention but the goal of imparting knowledge to the public won’t be attained.

Event organizers should always consider the knowledge that a speaker can impart to the audience. The participants value a seminar if the speaker was able to share his expertise. The participants find it as a pleasant experience when they feel satisfied and nurtured at the end of an event.

Keynote speakers play an important role in seminars, meetings and conventions. They become the instruments in conveying a message in a charismatic and witty manner. A simple message, if shared in a creative way, can leave a strong and lasting impact to the target audience.

October 21

ID Lanyards Latest Trend

Hundreds of years ago, in a sailing ship, sailors invented lanyards using scraps of fabric. After that, lanyards have undergone a lot of changes.ID Lanyards have become popular in school, companies, hospitals, factories, concerts, events, and etc. They do not only hold identification cards, they also hold passes and badges.

ID lanyardsCustomized lanyards are even more popular as they allow customers to place their own designs on the surface of the lanyards. There are unlimited variations of lanyards now and some people had lost track of the latest trend.

Polyester, nylon, tube, and woven lanyards were replaced by a set of new stylish lanyards.

They are the following:

1. Chain Lanyards

Lanyards are now as fashionable as necklaces. Lanyard manufacturers thought that the materials used to create fashion accessories can also be incorporated in making lanyards. They tried it and the result was great.

With the help of clip or hook attachments, identification cards can be attached to the lanyards. Customization is however not allowed with this type since there will be no printing or sewing processes.

2. Beaded Lanyards

Just like the first type, fashion accessories influenced the creation of Beaded ID Lanyards. Makers use different kinds of beads made of pearls, stones, plastics, or crystals.

The costs of these lanyards are dependent on their materials. As of now, this type is sold ready-made. If you want to customize your Beaded lanyard, you can create your own.

You will need a piece of nylon that will serve as the base of the lanyard where you will insert your beads. You should also buy hardware attachments that will enable you to connect your ID.

3. Beaded Chain Lanyards

This type is a combination of the first two. They may come in different variations including ID Lanyards and Eyeglasses Necklaces. For the former, a hook attachment is needed and for the latter, the makers attached a ring in the necklace where the eyeglasses will be secured.

4. Double Laces

Double laces are two-in-one lanyards. They have one lace which is a plain and thin lanyard and another one which is a chain lanyard. Each of their ends was attached together. Then the two ends were joined together using a hook. The variation for this type is the color of the plain lanyard.

5.Glowing Lanyards

Glowing or Reflective lanyards are glow in the dark. They are designed for employees who are working at night like security guards. The lanyards help them have a better vision in dark places.

These lanyards become decorative lights during concerts together with the glow sticks.

6. Zipper Lanyards

Zipper lanyards are best for students who get frustrated because of their tangled lanyards. After use, before they place their ID Lanyards in their bags, students can zip the lanyards close. Then the next morning, they just have to open the Zipper lanyards to be able to place it around their neck.

7. Rhinestone Lanyards

This is another stylish and fancy lanyard that girls will love. Lanyards can come with rhinestones and the best thing is that these can be customized. Pattern the rhinestones with your name and you have your own customized lanyard.

8. Round Lanyards

Round lanyards can be embroidered or printed with any design of your liking. They are very comfortable to wear because they are softer than the regular lanyards.

9. Double Ended Lanyards

Last but not the least is the lanyard that will allow you to attach two cards or badges onto it. Double Ended lanyards have adjustable buckles which enclose the lanyard. These special lanyards are commonly used in trade shows by the organizers and staffs.

From being scraps of fabric, lanyards have truly evolved into elegant and versatile accessories.

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September 25

Misting Fans and Their Agricultural Applications

Misting fans are known to the public for being able to provide a really cool breeze. They are quickly becoming the cost effective alternative to using an air conditioner. A lot of people realize just how expensive an air conditioner can be. It is more expensive to buy and operate.

mistMist fans are most commonly seen in large outdoor areas where they are used for cooling people off in areas promoted as chill zones. They are also seen during football games where they are used to cool off the players.

Mist fans are a unique contraption. Their simple design belies a very unique machine capable of providing a cost effective solution to a lot of different problems. Aside from cooling people off, mist fans are starting to see plenty of use in industrial applications.

Mist fans are used for helping businesses deal with the foul odor that some of their machines produce in their factories. These are also employed in waste management facilities. The mist fan is also used for dust control in places like cement making factories. Finally, mist fans are used to help keep heavy machines cool so that they do not breakdown.

Mist fans are extremely useful in agricultural applications. In fact, misting fans were first invited for the agricultural sector.

Livestock cooling through mist fans

Misting-SystemsLivestock owners always worry about their livestock. They have to think about how to keep them safe, healthy and comfortable. Animals are like human beings in that stress can have a negative impact on their physiology.

Animals which are not healthy or uncomfortable produce less that the healthier and more comfortable counterparts. Healthy pigs for example produce better litter. Cows produce more milk when they are healthy and comfortable. Even the quality of the milk is better. Chickens also produce more eggs.

Mist fans are a simple and cost effective means for keeping animals cool and comfortable during the hot seasons. Misting fans were actually made in order to provide a cheap and affordable solution for livestock owners to cool their animals.

Mist fans and greenhouses

Not all plants are the same. Some plants require certain conditions in order for them to survive, let alone grow healthy. This can be difficult of course since certain kinds of plants require maintenance that is difficult to achieve in certain areas. To make plants grow in places where they normally would not, botanists use structures known as greenhouses.

greenGreenhouses are structures that are made mostly out of glass. They are used to create and maintain an environment conducive to plant life and development. One of the biggest issues that botanists have to worry about is the humidity.

Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air. Plants that require a lot of humidity often perish in arid conditions or during hot seasons. In fact, some greenhouses actually close down for the summer since they are unable to maintain the kind of environment that they need to keep their plants growing.

Mist fans help greenhouses maintain the environment by increasing humidity. Mist fans generate a stream of air. However, they also blow out a fine mist using the water pump system attached to them.

The mist fan’s water pump system produces tiny micron sized water droplets that immediately mix with the air and evaporate. The fact that the greenhouse is an enclosed environment means that the moisture will stay inside. This in turn increases the humidity allowing certain plants to grow and develop, despite the fact that they are out of season.

Mist fans have become popular with greenhouses because of the cost. Misting fans are an affordable solution to an otherwise complicated and expensive problem.

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